Thank You for Dropping By!

To anyone who has found this site out of interest in Oz Squad or Oz or just ended up accidentally – welcome! Feel free to poke around. The site is far from finished. It will be work in progress for some time to come but I try to add something new every week. This morning I just added text to Steve Ahlquist’s bio. You’ll find him under Royal Historians.

To anyone who is thinking of posting a comment in order to add to the link count of some commercial site and therefore pump up that site’s SEO – please read the post that you’re commenting on and say something that actually relates to that post and I’ll probably let your comment through moderation. I know it makes your job harder but if I were interested in whatever you were selling I’d link to it myself. If you can’t think of anything to say that relates to the post you’re commenting on then feel free to tell me how you ACTUALLY found this site. I know it wasn’t because you were looking in google or bing.

And to everyone –

Happy Halloween!

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