The Dreamquest of Edgar Allan Poe

Steve Ahlquist has been writing his Mythographical Meanderings over at for two years now. If you haven’t been reading his column you’re missing out. We’ll be posting excerpts from his best essays with links back to FOB where you can read the rest. This essay was originally published April 28, 2009.

“…several critics agree that Poe only has one endlessly repeated main character- himself. He is pictured as appearing and reappearing as his melancholic, hallucinated, mad and half-mad creations again and again.”

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On Sullivan’s Island Edgar Allan Poe made the acquaintance of a naturalist, William Legrand, and his black servant, Jupiter. Edgar joined the pair in a search for Captain Kidd’s treasure that Edgar recorded as a story he titled “The Gold-Bug” first published in 1842. Edgar received his share of the fortune in July 1831, around the time his brother Henry died.

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