An Evolving View of Oz

The Lion

The Lion

The “Cowardly” Lion

The King of the Beasts of the Land of Oz doesn’t seem particularly cowardly. His friends would call him brave, stalwart, determined, resolute, loyal,, thoughtful and a great listener. Cowardly? Not really.

The Lion thinks. A lot. And then he gets things done. So, at his first meeting with Dorothy, when she accused him of being cowardly he considered that maybe she was right. And he set out to fix the problem. He brought the first television set to Oz (long before there was any programing to watch on it). He imported the first PC into Oz. When a Mormon missionary suggested that he was missing the gospel he took the lessons and converted. He did the same when faced with Catholic, Protestant and Babjurrian missionaries. Over the years this quality of curiosity has led to wisdom. He doesn’t spend as much time trying on new philosophies as he used to. But he still loves to listen.

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