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Adventure Bound Orks

Adventure Bound Orks

The Adventure Bound Orks

Orkio (the greenish one), Bastiork (the purplish one) and Thork (the orangish one) have been faithful members of the crew of Cap’n Bill’s Adventure Bound since the third year of its ongoing voyage. Cap’n Bill had been attempting to visit his friend Lorka the Ork in Orkland when he arrived at the first island of the Orkipeligo. There he discovered that each of the more than two hundred islands of the chain is called Orkland. Each Orkland has its own distinct race of Ork. Bill spent six months searching but never did manage to locate Lorka. Orkio, Bastiork and Thork shipped on to the Adventure Bound when it was preparing to leave the islands. They’d gotten in trouble with one of the Orkian kings and a life at sea seemed preferable to one in his dungeons.

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