An Evolving View of Oz



How exactly the Scarecrow came to life is a matter of speculation. Some say he is a vessel for the spirit of the Silver Island Emperor; Chang Wang Woe. Others insist that the Munchkin farmer who fashioned him must have used some magic ingredients by accident. A few folks, of suspicious nature, hint that the Scarecrow is a straw golem created by the Eastwitch and part of some as yet unrevealed, but undoubtedly sinister, plan. It has also been suggested that Dorothy Gale herself unconsciously brought him to life, accidentally invoking the powers of the Silver Slippers.

However he came to be, the Scarecrow has demonstrated that he is a great friend and wise being. He assisted Dorothy in her first adventure in Oz, ruled the Emerald City for a time and then was instrumental in bringing Ozma to the throne. Now he acts as a member of Ozma’s council and is one of Oz’s primary terrestrial operatives.

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