An Evolving View of Oz

The Wizard

The Wizard

Oscar Zoraster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs
The Wizard of Oz

Oscar Diggs had already lead a full and adventurous life before he arrived in Oz for the first time in 1898. He’d been at various times a tailor, a preacher, a rainmaker, a ventriloquist, a trick shooter, a sword swallower, a fire eater, a sideshow barker and a magician. During a performance in Omaha, Nebraska his hot air balloon passed through a rift into Oz. He arrived just in time to witness the fall of Pastoria. Never one to not take advantage of a situation Oscar helped establish order and, using all his skills as a showman, established himself as Wizard (and ruler) of Oz.

When young Dorothy exposed him as a fraud a couple of years later he was only too happy to give up his power and attempt to return to the United States.

He returned to Oz, a few years later, in Dorothy’s company, this time to stay. Under Glinda’s tutelage he gained true mastery of the magical arts. He became and remains one of Ozma’s most trusted advisors.

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