An Evolving View of Oz

H.M. Woggle-Bug T.E.

H.M. Woggle-Bug T.E.

H.M. (Highly Magnified) Wogglebug T.E. (Thoroughly Educated)

Doctor Wogglebug was once a simple, ordinary Ozite wogglebug. He sought the warmth of the hearth at a school house where the famous Professor Nowitall lectured. There he found both comfort and knowledge and there he remained for the next three years, becoming Thoroughly Educated. It was during a lecture on wogglebugs that the Professor noticed his buggish student, captured him. and projected him on a screen for the students to observe. During a disruption that followed, the Wogglebug, still in this Highly Magnified state, slipped off the screen and into the wide world.

Dr. Wogglebug established and, for a number of years ran, the Royal Athletic College of Oz. He has invented (or contributed to the invention of) many marvelous things – Woggle Pills – learnable facts and skills in tablet form; Woggle Squares – highly condensed meals in tablet form; self-darning socks and the Detachable Ego formula. He also used to be quite annoying and insufferable to be around.

The unfortunate events of World War 2 taught him hardship and humility. They also gave him a new seriousness and purpose. Today he is one of the prime movers in the Ozite diplomatic (and special intelligence) community.

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