Fiction for the Working Classes
By Chloe Summerfield

We regret that Chloe’s essay has been delayed. We hope to have it posted soon.

Chloe Summerfield is a researcher in the Department of Myth-Pattern Studies at the British Museum in London, England. She holds a BA (Hons.) Archaeology & Prehistory, University of Sheffield; an MA in Archaeology, Arizona State University; and an MPhil in Social Anthropological
Research, University of Cambridge. Chloe is interested in all facets of archaeology, anthropology, comparative mythology and statistical analysis. She shares a flat in Putney Green with Pirate and Ninja, her cat overlords.

Lizzie the Girl Knight will be serialized monthly with a new chapter on the first of each month.

I’d like to extend my thanks to David Conyers, Adam Crossingham, Nick Brownlow and the research staff of the Brichester University Library for their invaluable assistance and fact checking skills.

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