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Geo and Fleo Nogbasher

Geo and Fleo Nogbasher

Jeo and Fleo Nogbasher

The Hammerheads inhabit a rocky territory in the Quadling Country. Each Hammerhead is in charge of a particular rock, boulder or patch of ground and must prevent it from being occupied by any other being including other Hammerheads. Hammerhead families live in caves under their designated territories.

Jeo and Fleo Nogbasher live under and defend territory AJ345, an undistinguished set of rocks and gravel in the middle northwest corner of Hammerhead country. Since no travelers ever make it to their square and no other Hammerhead wants it, the Nogbashers spend their time arguing with their neighbors and brewing their secret recipe of Hammerhead beer. They give away dozens of gallon jugs during Winterfest. Hammerheads are loud, rude and territorial but they are also often quite generous.

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