The Unseen Special

Between Oz Squad 4 and 5 there was the Millenium Special. The Special came out of an attempt to have Millenium Press become the publisher of Oz Squad after Brave New Words shut down. It didn’t work out. I’m not going to go into a lot of details about what happened. Partly that’s because I wasn’t involved in the business decisions and partly that’s because I don’t remember enough of the details that I did hear to feel like I could give an accurate report. A script was written. Artists drew pages. The project fell apart but a “Special” – incomplete and messy – got printed.

As I remember it, Dave Ray did the original layouts for the 5th and 6th issues. Gus Norman was to provide the finished art. Norman did get about half the issue finished but for reasons I never quite understood he wasn’t able to complete the job. So I was commissioned to finish the issues, including, for consistency, redrawing the pages that Norman had completed. I don’t remember how many pages I did before the project collapsed. I know there were at least 16 (5 of which were printed in the Special) but, so far I’ve only located good xeroxes of the pages I’m presenting here.

If I come up with any other pages I’ll add them to the gallery. For now at least, I’m posting the art sans script. The accompanying dialogue can be found in The Complete Annotated Oz Squad.

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